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Doug West - Reporter (The Opportunity Investigator), Financial Instructor, Coach, Entrepreneur & Unconventional Thinker

Doug West is an investment expert who has trained thousands of people to use simple strategies to build financial health and wealth. West has uncovered the fallacies of conventional financial advice, and has been featured in numerous financial magazines.

While working as an electronic technician for AT&T (a job he was laid off from after 10 years when AT&T moved it to Mexico) Doug discovered the typical problems people face when trying to take advantage of retirement planning, 401k, 403b, etc. Your audience will enjoy the examples he gives of company retirement planners who know very little about what they are offering employees, and why folks should avoid their advice at all cost!





Is Your 401(k) on Life Support?

Plain-Talking Oklahoman Cuts Through the Gibberish and Reveals How to Make Money Now

Companies are going under, investments are up in smoke, and you’re wondering, “What do I do now?” Money expert Doug West has a solid, proven technique -- that doesn’t require a fancy degree to understand – that has actually made his investments steadily climb, while nearly everyone else’s have tanked.

On your show, West will reveal this must-know moneymaking strategy, using everyday language and clear-cut examples. He’ll unravel the gobbledygook, and explain why stockbrokers often rely on mind-numbing terminology to confound their clients and line their own pockets. West will explain everything your listeners need to know to rebuild their portfolios when he discusses:

  • Why stock tips are a bad idea, and why talking heads are most often wrong when they say to invest for the “long term.”
  • How to create wealth – tax free.
  • How you can save thousands on your home mortgage – without refinancing.
  • Why it’s crucial (and easier than you think) to have multiple income streams.
  • The unexpected truths about the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and common, dead-wrong financial advice.
  • How To Deal With Job Loss Doug was laid off from AT&T (in 1992) after nearly 10 years when his job was sent to Mexico. He found himself in rural Oklahoma with no job prospects. His success story will entertain and inform your audience/readers.

Doug West worked several years as a retirement planner in the Oklahoma schools working with teachers and other employees. He has been a top sales agent for several companies and has been interviewed in several magazines, publications (including Entrepreneur Digest, SFI, Home Business, Spare Time and others), and radio.

As a writer and reporter West has interviewed such stars as Garth Brooks (who shared some excellent points on success), Miss Oklahoma, Jody Miller and many other Oklahoma celebrities. He has had articles published in hundreds of publications online and off and has been recognized for his accomplishments in areas of finance and home business. 

Doug has authored several books including: 

Debt-Freedom Wealth Creation Strategies


How Anyone Can Save Thousands On Their Home Mortgage -
Without Refinancing

Tax-Free Wealth Creation

& Several others. 

Doug's Newsletter: Opportunity Investigator explores small business ideas & online income streams and has over 30,000 subscribers!

Our Salute To George W.

While most people around the world were sooooooo glad to say good-bye to Bush, find out why Index traders were able to benefit from the wild and Explosive movements his administration caused in the markets. 

Explore why some of the so called "Conspiracy Theorist", might not be as wacky as we are led to believe.

Why "Conventional Wisdom" is designed to keep you poor, sick, and quiet.

Hundreds Of Hours of Audio Experience:

Doug has conducted hundreds of conference calls over the years for his company and others. Some of these calls have been turned into audio programs. West has experience in handling call-in questions (including handling the occasional troubled caller).

West has been able to help folks with his simple and easy style of explaining things. Just look at what some of his students say about him:

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you
for the great week. While not only showing tremendous
patience and teaching us, you also made it entertaining.
Your simple system is everything it claims to be.

Thanks again Doug,


I did, thanks to you.

Best regards,



I think you are awesome... and so very patient. I know
with confidence that I will be trading, and I know that if
I run into a snag you will be there to answer my question....

I can't remark enough just how awesome of a teacher you are.

Talk soon, and see you tomorrow

Lisa Hernandez

Listen To More Student Comments Here.

Other Show Ideas:
  • Why Washington Can't Balance their books - and why You MUST.
  • Crisis Investing 101 
  • Is an Employee Mindset Keeping You Broke & Unhappy?
  • Why Conventional Wisdom Has Always Been Wrong & How Following It Will Lead To Heartache, Poverty, and Death!

All of these show ideas will involve West's info on Index trading, and why anyone who wants to build a HUGE nest egg should learn to do it. He has taught nearly 1,000 people how to trade the index with his Simple Index Trading Course

Call now to set up a show that will be informative and Entertaining!


Personal Financial Education is Our Pet Peeve!

We Think Nearly Everyone Needs It

Just look at what these reports say about traditional education in America:

"Most people who enroll in a university look forward to earning a degree that will open doors for them to well-paying and secure jobs. Government reports show, however, that only about one quarter of those who go to college earn a degree within six years a dismal success rate. Even so, does that degree translate into a good job? Note what current research and studies have to say. Going to Harvard or Duke [universities] won't automatically produce a better job and higher pay. . . . Companies don't know much about young employment candidates. A shiny credential (an Ivy League degree) may impress. But after that, what people can or can't do counts for more.

Newsweek, November 1, 1999.

Most colleges are seriously out of step with the real world in getting students ready to become workers in the postcollege world. Vocational schools . . . are seeing a mini-boom. Their enrollment grew 48% from 1996 to 2000. . .. Meanwhile, those expensive, time-sucking college diplomas have become worth less than ever.

Time, January 24, 2005.

Projections from the U.S. Department of Labor through 2005 paint the chilling scenario that at least one-third of all four-year college graduates will not find employment that matches their degrees.

The Futurist, July/August 2000. 

In view of all of this, more and more educators are seriously doubting the value of higher education today. We are educating people for the wrong futures, laments the Futurist report.

Your Listeners Need the information Doug West can offer them. And he will do it in an entertaining format that will be fun for all involved!


Possible Questions For Doug On Your Show:

  • How did you deal with losing your job after 10 years with AT&T?
  • What types of online income did you develop?
  • Are there really online jobs you can do from home? What type?
  • How did you get involved in Index Trading?
  • What is Index Trading?
  • I know you feel everyone should have multiple income streams, why is that so important?
  • Why do you say the US system is designed to keep folks in debt?
  • What if a person is just paying the bills and they don't have the funds to start trading or investing?
  • What do you think about the future of Mutual Funds & Stocks?
  • Why do you think MLP's and ETF's are better than stocks?
  • How can a person keep all their money tax Free?
  • What bad advice have you been given by brokers or tax people?
  • Why do brokers give folks stock tips anyway?
  • How did Martha Stewart get in trouble?
  • If she was a congress woman, she would have been OK?
  • Don't you need a lot of tools and equipment to trade the index?
  • How can I start self-directing my retirement funds, IRA, 401k etc.?
  • What in the world is going on with Wall Street these days?
  • Let's talk a little about the Federal Reserve. Most people don't understand who they are or what they do right?
  • Why do you say that Washington DC will NEVER balance the books?
  • What evil forces are at work to keep people in debt?
  • How can a person break free from debt?
  • Is it true that a person can cut their mortgage in half without refinancing?
  • I understand you work with a group that provides private money for RE deals?
  • What is the best way for Joe Six-Pack to start a home or part-time small business?
  • How can our listeners take advantage of the Special offer you have for them? (we do offer a real savings for your listeners by the way - we will also provide you some Great give-away items for your station's promotional campaigns)


Doug Comes in 5th Place

In the shot above you will see the results of a PFG contest Doug entered on November 30, 2005. There were hundreds of contestants trading the E-mini S&P. As  you can see, Doug came in 5th using his unconventional style. Not bad considering that he had to quit trading 2 and 1/2 hours before the closing bell. He feels like he could have won the contest if he would have had the whole day to trade! 

You can see in the image on the right that Doug was set up in the contest with number D1040.

Past Shows


Doug Talking About Debt-Free Wealth Strategies

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Index Trading Made Simple & Other Financial Gems To Enlighten and Entertain Your Listeners! 


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