How To Download Info Products & 

Audio Files

Here are some simple instructions for downloading and organizing file on your computer.

For PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader. I really like Fox-It Reader

To work with Zip Files you will need some sort of zip program to unzip them. Some versions of Windows XP will actually unzip files for you. If you need a zip program you can try Win Zip or other Zip programs free.

If you need them, download copies of  Windows Media or Real Player (the free version works just fine). Most PCs have these programs already installed. If you don't know, just click on them and the clip should start playing.

Most .exe files are for Windows systems only, so if you are a Mac user, they won't work for you. We try to stick with PDF files as they are accessible with about any OS or format.

Downloading Instructions

If you already know how to download and organize files on your PC, then you can skip this section. Here are some basic downloading tips: 

Instructions for Downloading:
"Right mouse click" the link to the item you are wanting to download. You'll see a menu like the one to the right open up. 

(MAC users just click the link and hold down the mouse button)

In Internet Explorer Choose "Save Target As..." and download the file to your desktop (in Netscape you choose "Save Link As.."). 

Perform the same download steps for each bonus and item you want.

Once you select "save target as" or "save link as" a download screen will come up asking you where you want to save the file to on your computer. 

You should save the files to your "Desktop" or another folder you can easily find. Once you have downloaded the file, go to your desktop or the file you saved it to and double click the ebook to open it. This should launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and automatically display the ebook. If it is an .exe file you normally must have Internet Explorer installed to view it, and be on a Windows based system (sorry Mac users).

If it is a Real Audio or Windows Media file double clicking it should open up those programs as well. If it does not, you either have your browser configured wrong, or you don't have the players installed on your computer (see the links above to get these programs). 


Sometimes audio and ebook files come in "Zipped" format which is simply a way to make a file smaller in size and or package several files together into one zip file. If this is the case, you will first need to unzip the file, and then save it to your system (see the info on Winzip above). This really is a simple matter once you have done it a time or tow. If you are using WinZip click on "Edit" then on "Select All" (if you want all the files in the zip) and then choose "Extract" and it will ask you where you want to extract them to (which simply means where do you want to store them on your machine).


In my "My Documents" folder of my PC I have MANY folders for various things. I have a folder for:

Downloads (I use this to download files - zip files etc. that I may no longer need once I unZip them)

My Ebooks (this is where I store my own ebooks that I have written, or am working on)


My Music (my own tunes)


etc. etc. etc. - If you are going to be downloading a lot of info on the net, you need to get organized. Come up with a file system that will work for you.


In XP you simply click on the top option in the left hand column named "Make a new folder" and then name your new folder whatever you want (you can also click on "File" in the upper left-hand corner - if that is where you have your toolbar - and choose "New" then "Folder"). Once you have that done, you can choose to save your downloads to the new file. 

To stay organized make as many "New Folders" as you need and name them for whatever you are doing. Categories, projects, etc. The important thing, just as when organizing a file cabinet is that it make sense to you, and that you organize things in a way that you will remember what folder you placed them in. Try it - you'll like it!