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1)  Editor's Notes - Surviving The Crisis In Style!
3) Are These Common Email Mistakes Costing You Business?

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello and welcome to OIO

I sincerely hope that your home biz is doing well, and that your family health is great too. In this issue I want to give you all some valuable information that is truly changing lives - financially and physically. No, we are not trying to offer you some hyped-up mlm health product (although I will admit there are some great ones out there that many of you are promoting - keep up the good work!), but these are low and No-Cost things that you can put to work in your life right now!

I must admit that there has not been a lot in the home biz field that I have felt compelled to tell you about these last few months. Ever since I have learned to trade the index, it has made me somewhat lazy (at least as far as my online biz is concerned - I have been extremely busy in other areas of life). About the only thing we have sent out in while is our invitations to join us on our Thursday evening calls, and many of you have done just that. I truly want to thank all of you for making our lives better by your support, and the many ideas you have shared with us over the years!


If you have not yet heard about a man named Jim Humble (I love that last name) you may have missed the most important health discovery of the ages. Jim has worked on various gold mine projects (yes literal gold mining) for many years. In fact, Jim had retired from his profession and was lured out of his hiatus by a friend who asked him to join a project DEEP in the jungles of Africa that could possibly make Humble a wealthy man. 

To make a long story short, Jim decided to take along some of the liquid water treatment drops that he had used many times in the jungle. Perhaps you have used these drops in your travels. My wife Linda and I took some along with us to Europe a couple years ago (though I don't think we ever used them). When Jim Humble finally made it to the camp in Africa, he was alarmed to discover that there were a couple men there dying from malaria. Since there was no medicine in the camp (and all knew that the men would be dead by the time anyone could go get some and return) for the disease, Jim thought he might try to make a strong batch of the water treatment drops for them. He reasoned that since this potion was known to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold, and other things in water, why would it not work in the body (after all we are made of 70% water right)! 

Jim made up a strong batch in a glass of water and gave it to the men. He told them it was a health drink, and couldn't hurt. To Humble's surprise BOTH men were up out of their death beds (hammocks) within a few hours and were ready to eat!!! Jim still did not know what this stuff was made of, how or why it worked, but he was determined to find out. 

After treating malaria patients all over Africa, Jim returned home to do more research on the product. The treatments worked for 70% of the malaria patients he gave it to, but he wanted to find out why it did not work for the other 30%. He also had some remarkable results with AIDS patients in Africa (most of them returning to work etc.).

After many trial and error attempts, Jim Humble discovered a simple way to "activate" the solution to make it stronger. He also experimented with various strengths of the mixture. Since this stuff had been around for over 80 years, Jim wondered why the drug companies had not researched it. Jim has written a book that shows you all the details of this amazing INEXPENSIVE product, including how you can make it yourself for just pennies per dose.

My wife and I have been taking it, and some great things have been happening for us. For instance, I had a BIG bump on my shoulder where I had used black salve (Indian Herb) to pull out a tumor. Maybe I didn't get all of the tumor out, but for some reason there was this bump on my shoulder in the same spot. It had been there for a couple of years, and I had been meaning to put some more black salve on it (but never got around to it for some reason). After taking the Jim Humble solution (MMS) for a couple weeks, that bump on my shoulder was completely GONE! I didn't even know it until I was putting some oregano cream on some wounds, and squeezed too much out of the bottle. I thought that I'd put the remainder on that bump, but it was no where to be found!

We actually found out about MMS from my wife's naturpath. When he first told us about it I just thought "Oh, OK, something else to take". The stuff actually laid around on the shelf for a few days before we ever even started taking it. For some reason one day I thought I'd do a search for it online. Boy, was I shocked! Turns out this stuff has been doing some AMAZING things for folks all over the world! I quickly went home from the office (our old home is now our office - so my commute is a walk across the pasture) and told Linda "We NEED to be taking this stuff". I then told my affiliates and fellow traders, and the things we are hearing back are nothing short of phenomenal! You really owe it to yourself to check this out. We won't make a dime from it, but I wanted all of our readers to know about it.

To find out more, do a search for MMS and or Jim Humble.

Here are some places to start:


Also, get a copy of Jim Humble's book and learn how to make MMS yourself:

Watch some Videos on it here:




If you can learn anything from the mess on Wall Street and the Financial crisis our country is facing, (and the world since the USD is the world's reserve currency) it should be this ==> YOU ARE MUCH BETTER OFF IF YOU ARE DEBT-FREE AND CASH FLOWING (preferably tax-free cash flow). The financial companies who are still afloat are the ones who reduced spending and debt, and built up cash reserves. Folks that is ALWAYS a great idea - even for individuals. If you learn to wait until you can pay cash for things, you will be MUCH better off in the long run. It worked for grandma and grandpa, and it will work for you too.

There are MILLIONS of folks in the USA and elsewhere that NEED the NO-COST report that we are offering. It will show you how to quickly get out of debt, and discover ways to grow your wealth and income tax-free. To get your copy of this Awesome PDF report visit:


The American dream does not have to be dead for you, but it is for many who are drowning in debt. If that is you, or if you know of ones who are, please get a copy of the report now! 

You also won't want to miss the last article in this issue that will help you correct your email marketing mistakes. It is a good one. 

We are working on a report about how you can cash in on the Real Estate crisis that is now taking place. The above free-report will give you some good ideas, but you won't want to miss the report we are working on. We hope to have it for you soon here in OIO.

I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time in OIO.


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Hey Doug,

I have been paper trading most of this summer and must admit that over
the last two months I only traded 21 days and made 100 round trips.  Out
of the 100 round trips I was only successful 94 times ... but then it was
paper trading.

Keep up the effort and I will try to 'catch up' on all the new things you
have added to improve the package.

Dan Lindsey
Hello Doug,

It's been a while since I took your training course for
the emini S&P 500. So far, things have gone well, despite my
challenges with spinal problems. My doctor says this is a
common ailment for folks in my age category (77). As I
recall, you had mentioned a free realtime emini chart but I
don't remember it. I would appreciate it if you could
refresh my memory on that item.

Thanks in advance for your help. Your course has really been
a lifesaver, providing me a modest income of about $1,000 a
week. I don't need a million bucks to pay all my bills. I
think my returns will improve once I use a realtime chart

Cyril Price

(we told Cyril about MMS too - Cyril - have you tried it yet?)

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Are These Common Email Mistakes Costing You Business?

      - by Doug West

© Doug West - All Rights reserved

I hope that you have already learned not to type your
email in ALL CAPS as that is considered YELLING. Also,
if you are doing business, I hope you are not one of 
those that types in all small case letters - no CAPS!

When I get an email like that it tells me the person is
too lazy to hit the shift key, and is probably not the
type of person I would want to do business with. Those
are just some basic points about email, but we wanted to
cover a few others that could make or break your online

Here is one of my pet peeves. You see something that you 
like, perhaps you may want to get it later, so you file it
away in your email program. When you are ready to purchase
the item or service, you email the person to tell them that
you are ready to buy, and guess what? The email bounces back
at you faster than a hot check. 

You carefully investigate to see that you have not made a 
mistake, or that there has been some kind of mail server 
problem. Maybe you send the email from a different account
or method. Maybe you have more than one ISP so you try
another one. Sure enough, the email comes right back at

What does all this have to do with your biz? Here is the
tip, and this is HUGE if you want to build a biz on the

 Get A Business Email Address & Never Change It - NEVER! 

We have done business with some folks who seem to change
email addresses every week. One man bragged that he had over
20 email addresses (and you could never get him to answer
you at any of them). 

Changing your business email address is like moving your 
brick-n-mortar biz. What if your favorite store moved every
week, and never told you where they were going? Or worse
yet, you notice a new shop or store of some kind that you
had not yet had the chance to visit, but were planning to.
By the time you get ready to go, the thing has packed up
and moved to a new location and left no forwarding address. 

This is SUICIDE for a business! Don't do it! 

Some online entrepreneurs think they can beat this rule by
sending everyone their new address each time they move. But
what about potential customers that are not yet on any of 
your lists? Those that have been thinking about contacting

We get orders and business from ads that we have ran YEARS
ago. Not every day, but they do trickle in, and every bit
helps your business to stay in business.

DON'T DO IT! Don't try to beat the system. Get one address
and keep it forever for your business. Sure, you can have a
separate address for your personal email, and it is OK to
change that one (just be sure to let your friends and family
members - at least the ones you want to have it- know where
you moved to) if you want - BUT - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,
NEVER, NEVER, NO - NOT EVER do you want to change your
business email address - Just DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So how do you get one that you can keep forever? The best
one is at a domain you own. You@yourdomain.com or

If you own the domain name, you can keep it for as long as
you live or longer (as long as you pay the bill). 

If you change ISPs just forward the email to a new address
or box so that you still get all the mail that goes to your
biz email address. Most servers have pop boxes that you can
set up to catch your email (and most of them have limits to
how much email they will hold so you better download your
email fairly often). 

There are even services out there where you can set up a pop
box once you buy a domain name (don't worry if you're not a
techie, all you have to do normally is fill out a form or 
something and your pop email box is up and working for you -
ready to catch your email). You don't even have to have a
web site hosted anywhere, just buy the name and many domain
name registrars will Give you a pop email box and/or email

Here are some places to look that may offer this service:




When you own YOURDOMAIN.COM you can move as many times as
you want and folks will still be able to find you via email
at SALES@domain.com or whatever Permanent address you


Domains names are so cheap anymore I can not imagine anyone
trying to run their biz from a hotmail account or an AOL
(the worst dial up ISP by the way) account, or any other
account that may close them down, or close down altogether. 

 Another Option 

You could also take out one of our Follow-Up responders (you
need at least one of these to run your biz anyway), and any
email that gets sent to: 


Will be forwarded to whatever email address you give us. We
will have to change it for you when you change ISP or email
accounts. But just let us know and we will be happy to do it
for you. To get all the details on our responders see: 


 Don't Use Funky Backgrounds 
 Or Stationary In Your Biz Emails 

If you are reading this in our HTML format, it is probably 
because you asked for HTML email. We always give folks the 
option of reading our issues online or they can subscribe 
to a Text Only list.

If you want to impress Grandma or Mom with your ability to
add a color or image to the background of your email, I
guess that is OK. BUT, Never use a color, ANY Color or image
as a back ground in your business emails. We are not talking
about all HTML email here (if it has a color background it
has to be HTML), but those Funky background colors that make
email SOOOO hard to read. DON'T DO IT! 

Plain black type on a standard white (no color) background
works best. Many folks (especially outside of the US) are 
still not able to read html or color email, so you will be 
losing them. Even if they can read html email, your funky 
colors and/or stationary images may impede them from seeing
your whole message. SO DON'T DO IT! Not in your business. 

Fancy will lose customers for you when it comes to email. If
you do send something in html, always give the option to
read it online where they can look at your message through
their browser (which can see html), but still you need to
have a color scheme that does not hide your message, or make
it hard to read. Funky looking web pages are a whole other
topic that is a subject for another article. 

One last thing on email. There are starting to be a lot of 
these Spam killer type service that block all your email 
until someone clicks here or goes there and fills out a form
or some such thing. DON'T USE IT - not with your business
email account. You will lose business.

Learn to use your email program to filter out SPAM for your
business account. You want the option to look at it all
anyway, but you sure don't want anyone else having control
over what email comes through to your business. It will cost
you sales.

Put these simple rules to use and watch your online biz grow
as more and more customers can not only find you, but can 
understand what you are telling them, and can easily make 
their purchases from you - now and for years to come! 
Subscribe free to OIO and get information on the OIO
affiliate program. Build your home biz online & create
several additional income streams at the same time! 

Get Doug's Latest Ebook for Nothing by visiting:


Learn how to simply save your finances and family from
the Economic Mess we are in.

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