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1)  The Time of Year For Home Biz! How Are You Doing?
3)  Keep It Short For More Profits

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to OIO

We have been so swamped with our new Day Trading Made Easy Program that it has been a while since we got out an issue. I hope things are going well for you and your family. We have some nice ideas and tools for your home biz in this issue, be sure to read every word.

We are right in the middle of what is historically one of the best times of year for home biz. Typically September and October are the best, but November is pretty good as well. It may be that the US presidential election could cause some funny things with the economy (it has had somewhat of an effect on our day trading) for a while, but as long as we know who that is by this time next week, we should still expect to see some great days and weeks left this year for building our home based income.

Have you been taking advantage of building your biz at this time? Now is NOT the time to be setting around. Many entreprenuers earn more in this 2 or 3 month span than they do the entire rest of the year! Now is the time to work out a plan and then work your plan.

Top Ideas For Getting Your Biz Going & Growing

While SPAM has caused email marketing to decline somewhat over the last year or so, it is still the best thing going for the home based biz. No, we are NOT talking about SPAMMING to grow your biz, but following proven steps to make email marketing work for you. And just what are those steps?

Nearly anyone who has been successful at marketing online will tell you the value in having your own opt-in or subscriber list. No, you don't have to become a publisher to start a list, there are many great ways to do it. There are even some companies like RAD that will help you build a list. Our own OIO PRO program has several tools to help you build a list without becoming a publisher, or writing a single word. Whatever you do, get a list!

You can start to generate a list by running some ads. The net still offers some of the best and most affordable advertising vehicles around, but there are a LOT of dangers as well. Check out our "Lifeline Ad Guide" in the Featured ad above. That resource focuses mainly on solo ads which still offer one of the truly great ways to get your message out to folks. The trouble is that there are a LOT of places out there who will take your money and not offer much in return. How do you know which ones are real, and which ones are con men? Pick up a copy of the guide and find out. It literally took us THOUSANDS of dollars to put that info together (our new ad tracking software that goes with it is ready now, and will be released soon - we just had to get a bug or 2 out of it, but it is awesome for tracking your results), but now you can have it for a fraction of the value it offers.

Pay Per Click Search engines are another great way to get the word out about your biz. Overture and Google are still the top dogs, but there are a few others like Kanoodle.com that work well. To see a list and more info on all the PPC engines visit: payperclicksearchengines.com

You will also want to check out the promotional software in our FR##EE Tools section.

Are You Marketing -  Or Want To Market - An Info Product?

If so, you won't want to miss our featured article in this issue about keeping it short for more profits. There is still a fortune to be made out there with the right info products if that is your cup of tea.

Still Looking For a Home Biz To Work?

Yes, I used the 4 letter word work! There really are some great ones out there for those that are not afraid of working them. Yet, we still find many folks who are looking for something for nothing. How sad. Just a little effort and they could really have the profitable home biz that they have always dreamed of. But you have to get the word out, and NOW is the time to do that.

Ever Considered Day Trading?

Our Day Trading Made Simple program is really picking up steam. We have had 5 group classes now (via telephone and Internet). One of our students, Robert Fischer made nearly $12,000 in one week! Robert had never traded anything before, but he and others are doing well with our simple system. For more information join us on one of our calls:

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The call starts promptly at 8:30 PM CST (CST is GMT-6) 

That is 9:30 PM EST - 7:30 MST, and 6:30 on the West Coast - PST. 

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Whatever you decide to do, get out there and make it work! There won't be a better time this year than right now to get started!

I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

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I had to overcome being online & on the phone at the same
time, so you may wish to check these out & recommend them,
as I only had telephone dial up internet, I am working on
broadband to do this for a full time living,

Thanks Doug, none of the forex trainers ever helped me like

Mate, your system is unbelievably simple, I have spent
10$$$$ on training, especially forex & I could have made a
fortune in forex, but no support etc like you are doing, if
only the forex had have just given some simple support, as
it can be simple too if you are a scalper, but your
simplicity is mind boggling, just like collecting beautifull
shells at the beach,

Another one of our satisfied customers of Day Trading Made Simple.

Thanks Bazza - try and keep from hitting anymore kangaroos!

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Keep It Short For More Profits
 By Doug West

Keeping it short may sound like the exact opposite of what
many spammers are pushing these days. It may also be
opposite of the American mentality of Bigger is Better. Just
look at the size of our meals in the USA, and it is easy to
see that telling folks to shorten or lessen anything is NOT
a popular subject. However, for this report you will see
that Less really can be More.

For years now we have been advising our clients and
affiliates who are interested in selling info products to
keep it short and sweet and folks will love you for it. That
has never been more true than it is today!

You would think in the electronic information age we would
all just be yearning to wrap our brains around as much info
as we can. With all the info available that might seem to be
the case. Yet, what most of us are dealing with now is
information overload.

We have more info and technology available than ever before,
but most feel like they have less time than ever to get
things done. All this high-tech stuff is supposed to make
our lives easier and free up more time, yet the opposite has
really happened. We now have more choices than ever as well.

Just look at the area of entertainment. With satellite TV
and radio, we have more choices than ever. Not to mention
pay-per-view and the low cost of purchasing or renting DVDs
and video tapes. What we used to feel was a luxury, now has
become a necessity in most folks' minds.

In our small and home biz efforts to reach new customers we
have to compete with this glut of information. Folks want
info that they can put to use fast without all the hype or
fluff they used to expect when purchasing how-to materials.
If you can shorten it and give them ONLY the info they need
to put your idea or plan into action, they will love you for

When researching how-to real estate offers for our
publication Opportunity Investigator we came across one of
the best examples of this. If you have ever ordered one of
those no-money-down-type RE courses you no doubt were
flooded with an onslaught of endless videos, books, reports,
and/or tapes. Most folks never have the time, or take the
time, to wade through all the materials. If they do they end
up more confused than ever on the subject!

Our investigation uncovered an author named Bradley that had
an e-course covering just one solid strategy (and covering
it well) for investing in real estate. A person could read
it within an hour or so and understand how to put the plan
into action. Many of his students purchase their first
property within days and a few within hours of reading his

When we discovered this RE course we immediately got in
touch with Bradley to tell him what a great course he had
and that he should immediately raise the price. We told him
that even though the course was not huge like some of the
more advertised packages out there, it was the short and
sweet simplicity that people are looking for! (to read more
about Bradley's course see:
http://kosoma.com/NoCreditRE.html ).

Bradley's RE course is just one example of entrepreneurs
that have discovered that Less really is More when it comes
to info products. Take a look around and you will see that
people are buying ebooks and courses in droves (even though
some "experts" claim the popularity of electronic books or
ebooks is waning). Audio and video have become popular forms
of information, because many of us just don't have time to
read (or won't read) much.

If you are considering developing an info product, or you
are currently marketing a class or instructional program,
remember folks are busy, and what they really want is the
meat without all the fluff. You will keep folks happy and
make more money too if you Keep It Short, and to the point.

Doug West is the author of several books and has now
released his Day Trading Made Simple program that helps even
novices get up to speed quickly in trading the Emini S&P and
Nasdaq markets. Affiliates wanted. Find out more by
visiting: ==> http://kosoma.com/daytrade.html

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