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Hello , and Welcome to the November 2003 issue of OI Online.
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1)  Top Low-Cost Online Ad Sources
3)  Why You Need At Least One Domain
4)  Will Spam Kill Email Marketing?

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to the November 2003 issue of OIO. 

I hope that your home biz is doing everything you dreamed of and more. I know that factories keep closing their doors, and companies keep down sizing and laying off (I know how it feels, I worked for AT&T for 10 years before being laid off - see my story @: http://oiopro.com/cash/kosoma/200daily.shtml ), but this wonderful industry we call "Home Biz" keeps right on going and growing!

Many times when the news outlets talk about the economy, they ignore the home biz sector. We know that for millions of folks, their home business is the only income they have. If the news reporters cannot figure out how so many people are able to travel, purchase cars, gifts etc. in a bad economy, they need look no further than home business (and yes, MUCH of that is MLM biz, no matter what the haters of that industry might say). 

If you are determined to make a go at home, we have several things in this issue that can help you. One of the biggest doom-and-gloom naysayers philosophies that we keep hearing is that email marketing will soon be a thing of the past. We don't buy it. The good news is that it is working now. Perhaps a little less effective than in times past because of the SPAM problem, but still wildly more successful than many other forms of marketing. Now we are not referring here to SPAMMING folks, but legitimate email marketing methods that we all can use. Don't miss the last article in this issue on this subject. It can help set your mind at ease and help you get your ebiz going and growing.

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In the last issue we told you about Clickbank's plans for a whole new system for controlling sales and affiliates. With this plan affiliates would Have To Have their own web sites to make the new tracking system work. Many of our readers were concerned about this issue.

It now seems that Clickbank has scraped their new system plans, or at least put it on the back burner for now. Should they come out with new requirements, we will see to it that our affiliate sites with OIO PRO meet whatever standards they set.  Of course, we will also keep you informed here in OIO.

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We have two articles in this issue that you can use in your own publication or newsletter. Don't miss them!

I wish you all the best in your home biz, and I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

Or At Least A Domain Name
by Doug West

Whether you are a small business owner and want to expand
your customer base, an affiliate that wants to sell more
product, or you just want to start some sort of home biz,
the Web offers potential other mediums can't come close to.
BUT, you need to do your homework, and you need to have your
own domain, or at least a domain name. 

With domain names cheaper now than ever before, it really
does not make sense not to own a domain name. You don't even
have to host it if you don't want to. With registrars like
GoDaddy.com (our pick for #1 domain name outfit) you can
even forward your name to whatever site you want. So an
affiliate could have THEIR-NAME.COM send folks to their
affiliate link.

What is the benefit of that? Many! First of all it looks
better and more professional. Another benefit is that you
can register YOUR-NAME.com with the search engines, when
most will no longer allow you to register an affiliate URL
that looks like:


or something similar. Your own domain name is also easier
for someone to remember! 

The most successful affiliate marketers set up their own web
sites and send their traffic there instead of the affiliate
site (if there is one). The only link to the affiliate web
site is the order link. This way you can create your own
list, follow up with your visitors and have much more
control and contact with your customers.

Should you decide to host your domain (which simply means
that you are going to send visitors to your own web pages
and not redirect them to someone else's site as in the
affiliate example above), hosting fees have come WAY down
over the years as well. You can even house several domains
with one hosting account with companies like:

Why Would You Want More Than One Domain Name?

The old school of thought was for sites to try to have
something for everybody. While that model may work well for
Wal-Mart it has failed miserably online. The more focused
your site is, the higher it will rank in the search engines,
the more easily you can target your traffic, and (as a
general rule) the more sales it will generate for you.

That is why you will see winning ebook authors put up a new
site for each title they publish. Again, with the proper
hosting account and registrar, it does not have to be a huge
expense to set up another domain.

If you are not familiar with any techno garble web lingo,
don't be alarmed. There are several individuals just like
you who are earning massive amounts of income with very
little web design know-how. On the other end of the spectrum
are individuals who can make any program run like a well
oiled machine. Many times these Web Masters have spent hour
after hour, week after week, month after month, or even
years perfecting their web education. Many of these types
know very little about marketing. If I had to know the tech
or the marketing end, I would choose marketing hands
down!!!! After all, if you know how to make sales, you can
easily hire the tech crowd. My favorite saying is that
experts are a dime a dozen.

The Net is truly tying the world together and offering
opportunities that never were available to the average
person before. Where else can someone with a little
creativity come up with an idea, and immediately put it
into action? All for little or no cost! Why, with the know-
how and the right product or service, you could be the next
Internet Millionaire! 

One thing is for certain though - YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO
DO YOUR HOMEWORK - (again, you don't have to be a techno
expert, you only need to know how and where to get the job
done) and You Are Going To Need Your Own Domain (or at least
a domain name).
Doug West is the author of E-Empire, Top 10 E-Bizs, and
several other books on internet marketing. To learn where
the best online ad buys are, you need to get a copy of his
latest "Lifeline Guide To Low Cost Net Advertising Sources"
@ http://ezinesoload.com

Feel free to use the above article in your ezine, newsletter of
offline publication. Just be sure to leave the article "As Is" and
include the resource box above

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Hello Doug,

Are you still doing your coastal business? Do you still
 recommend this business opportunity as great business to start?   I am
 enjoying your news letters.

Earl Jefferson

Yes, I'm still involved in Coastal Vacations. I would
like to have more time to work it. My group recently
teamed up with CEM and they are generating most of
our leads for us now. Even on a restricted part time
basis I still earn several thousand a year with them.

Are you thinking about getting started with them?
Here is the page I use to promote Coastal:


Thanks for your comments

Doug West

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by Doug West

Have you noticed that you get a LOT more email lately then
you did, say just 6 months ago? If so, you also probably
notice that most of it is JUNK you never asked for.

Many "Gurus" predict that email marketing will be a thing of
the past within a couple of years. They claim SPAM or
unsolicited email will clog up mail servers so bad that we
won't be able to do business via email anymore.

While all that may indeed happen, we want to make a few
predictions of our own here. We predict that SPAM filters
and solutions will become more and more powerful, and that
the majority of SPAMMERS will be closed down.

Already there are some fairly useful tools on the market,
and they are getting better. One of the best things you can
use right now are the filters in your email program.
Netscape and Outlook Express both have them. You simply set
filters for words in the body or subject of the email that
you want to reject. Any email that comes in with those words
will go straight to the trash.

Of course, the P*O*R*-NO and other Spammer types try every
trick in the book to get past filters. You can get rid of
about 90% of it with your email filters though. As you spot
new SPAM tricks like P#O#R#N#O in the subject, just add that
to your email program filters.

You can also filter out any email from certain senders or
domains. Play with the filters in your email program and you
should master the options in no time.

Filters on the mail servers don't seem to be as great right
now. They seem to either filter out everything - even email
you want - or nothing at all. If much filtering on the
server is done, it slows the already-bogged-down machines to
a crawl. As faster mail servers with better filters emerge,
the situation should improve.

Coding your email address on your web pages will cut down on
the SPAM you receive. There are simple programs that can do
this for you. This keeps your email addresses from being
harvested from your sites by SPAM ware, and then sold to
every spammer in the world.

We also predict that stiffer fines and penalties will be
imposed on SPAM, and that presidents soon are set as a few
SPAMMERS are caught and prosecuted. Will this stop SPAM? Has
it stopped theft or fraud? It may slow SPAM down.

If you have ideas on how to combat the SPAM problem, now is
the time to make yourself known. Fortunes will be made by
savvy netpreneurs who come up with viable solutions.

Our best guess is that SPAMMERS will continue to SPAM, and
legitimate email marketers will find ways to market with
email. The good news for legitimate marketers is that
ethical forms of email marketing such as solo ads, and
building your own opt-in list are still working well. So go
with the flow until you see that they are no longer
effective. Your list may be extremely valuable to you for
years to come. Just Please don't SPAM anyone and add to the
Doug West is the editor of Opportunity Investigator. He has
been interviewed in many of the top home biz publications
like SFI magazine - (see http://kosoma.com/DougWest.htm ).
Take his complementary email course that covers all you
need to succeed online @ 

The above article is available for reprint in your email newsletter and/or on your website. Please keep the content and the resource box unchanged, and send a copy to mailto:articlepublished@kosoma.com to let me know where it appears.

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