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1)  Great Alternative to Pay Pal - Payment Processors Analyzed
2)  Looking For 10 Serious Entrepreneurs
4)  2 PC Annoyances and How To Solve Them!

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to OIO

I love Pay Pal. I've made a LOT of money with them and continue to use their service. But what do you do for those customers that just don't like Pay Pal, or for one reason or another just cannot use them? 

For years now we have had our own Kosoma.com debit card with an offshore bank (Loyal Bank - LBL). In fact we were the ones who introduced most of the home biz crowd to LBL. There have been some obvious set-backs to using the LBL system (including slow processing times, and difficulty in using the LBL system) so that sent us looking for something faster and a little more flexible. 

In our search for a payment vehicle for our affiliates (that could not or would not use Pay Pal) we found a company which has really worked well for us. If you pay affiliates around the world (or would like to have an International group of affiliates working with you), or take International payments for your products or services, you will want to inspect to see if they will work as well for you as they have for our biz.

The company we are most excited about as an International Payment processor is called iKobo. Now don't ask me what that stands for or means, but they have some great features! They actually have a VISA debit or ATM card that they will ship to more countries than Pay Pal currently deals with. 

iKobo also offers a Great affiliate program that pays on 10 levels of affiliates? They pay 50% back out to their affiliate base - which is not bad for a payment processor type company. Get all the details and sign up now via the link below.

But the affiliate program is not the reason we like this Pay Pal alternative, we would use iKobo even if they had no affiliate program (although the 10 level plan is nothing to ignore). Once a person has an i-Kard (eVisa card), they can receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world - in less than 30 seconds.

Many in the home biz crowd dislike Pay Pal and other sources because of the stand they take on MLM and other home biz type offers. Since iKobo offers a 10 level affiliate plan, we are assuming they have no problem with the home biz model!

2Checkout, another popular online credit card processor, has had the reputation for doing some underhanded things with their merchant's accounts (like issuing charge backs even when service has been rendered etc.). We have had our share of problems with this processor, although they seem to have fixed many of their unattractive practices.

Storm Pay is well liked by the home biz crowd, but the difficulty in adding funds to accounts and other difficulties have slowed the growth of the once promising processor.

Let's don't even talk about setting up your own merchant account (there are options out there, but they can be slow and costly). Unless you have had a relationship with a merchant account company by processing with them for years, it can be difficult at best to introduce new products and services at various prices without falling under house scrutiny.

Clickbank is a Great service for informational and other digital products, so it does have it's limitations. One setback to using this service is for affiliates. (Be sure to pick up your Clickbank Protection Kit in this issue - Fr**ee Tools section.)

iKobo seems to have overcome many of these problems, and it cost nothing to get started with them. We are not saying they are perfect, but they do seem to fill a current needed role for online marketers. Why not give it a look?

Looking For 10 Serious Home Biz Folks

If you are serious about building your own home biz and independent income - Great! I want to talk to you. We have a simple system which includes:

* Internet Marketing
* Day Trading
* Audio & Video Training
* One on One & Group Training
* Conference Call Presentations
* Vacations & More

I will be working with you hand to hand to help you get set up and running. Shoulder to shoulder we will be building something that can grow into more income than most people ever see. To qualify to work with us on this project you need to meet the following criteria:

* Free Time in Daytime at Least 2 Days Per Week (weekdays)
* Positive Mental Attitude
* Ability to Understand & Follow Simple Proven Concepts
* $397 to $497 in Operating Capital
* Understanding that ANY Business Takes Time & Money to Build
(our goal is to have you up to $200 per working day after 2 or 3 weeks - for some in the first week - that is $200 Daily - $2,000 Daily Possible)
* Ability to be Online & On the Phone @ The Same Time
* Good Work Ethic

If the above description fits you, and you are tired of playing around and want to get to the real serious home biz income with proven leaders - please fill out the application form at:


If you sound like someone that I would enjoy working with, and you like the program I'll explain to you, then you need be ready to go immediately. 

I will work this on the job training program on Mondays, partially on Tuesday, Thursdays, and sometimes a little on Friday. We will also have some evening training sessions that you should be willing to attend. Again, if this fits you, I would love to talk with you! Please fill out the form on the page above. 

Special Call This Thursday

Want a nice 3 day 2 night vacation on us? If so, you won't want to miss our next Special info training call which is set for this Thursday eve. Just for listening we will send you a certificate for the vacation. 

The number to call is: 

865 362-4350 Pin # 7171

The call starts promptly at 8:30 PM CST (CST is GMT-6) 

That is 9:30 PM EST - 7:30 MST, and 6:30 on the West Coast - PST. 

I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

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2 PC Annoyances and How To Solve Them!
by Jim Edwards


I have a love-hate relationship with my computer. 

In fact, often I love to hate my computer! 

It will do things I know even the great Mr. Gates didn't
intend, and it usually does them at the least convenient
time (like when I'm on a deadline or in a hurry). 

Rather than the usual whining and doing nothing about it,
I've decided to share a couple of things that previously
annoyed the heck out of me and the solutions I found to
help you avoid these same problems.

*Disappearing Internet Explorer Status Bar*

The status bar at the bottom of the Internet Explorer web
browser serves many purposes. 

It allows you to hold your mouse over a link to see where
the link will take you. 

It enables you to see a page's loading progress as you wait
for it to download. 

Most importantly, the status bar allows you to see the
little gold "lock" symbol that lets you know you've made a
connection to a secure server (very important to know
before you input credit card data).

For some inexplicable reason, from time to time, this
status bar disappears from my browser. 

Also, the toolbars at the top tend to move periodically and
mess up my "system" for surfing the Internet. 

Now, it's not the end of the world, but it really ticks me
off when things change and I didn't change them! If this
ever happens to you, here's how to literally "lock" the
toolbars and status bar in place so they don't disappear or
move again.

First, close all your Internet Explorer web browser windows
except for one. If the status bar doesn't already appear in
the window, go to "View" and then click "status bar." 

Also, make sure you have all the toolbars arranged the way
you want them. 

Next, place your mouse over a blank spot on one of the tool
bars at the top of the Internet Explorer browser window. 

Right-mouse-click and a menu will appear where you should
check the option "Lock the Toolbars."

Then, while holding down the <Ctrl> key, click the "X" in
the upper right corner of the window to close it. This will
set your selection.

If you ever need to change your toolbars in the future,
simply right-mouse-click on the toolbar and uncheck the
"Lock the Toolbars" option, make the changes, and then re-
lock the toolbars to keep them from moving or disappearing.

*Missing File Extensions*

One of the biggest pains in the neck involves opening
Windows Explorer, viewing a list of files, and not being
able to see the file extension (.doc, .txt, .html, etc.)
for each file. 

For some reason, Windows considers this classified

To make the file extensions show up, click "Start" then
"Control Panel." Double-click "Folder Options" then click
the "View" tab. Scroll down the list and uncheck the box
that says "Hide extensions for known file types." 

You will now see the file extensions any time you open up
Windows Explorer.

-- Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr-e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website or affiliate links... 

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