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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to OIO

I hope that things are going GREAT in your ebiz. Let me tell you about a few of the things we are working on and what you can expect to find in this issue to help build your online income.

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Next we have a HOT trend, and a HOT program that we would like to tell you about. 


For the trend I am referring to, don't miss the article following this column by Jim Edwards. Jim spells out his Top 10 reasons why multi-media products and web sites are going to be the BIG hit this year and into the future. With that in mind, remember that the Lifeline Guide mentioned above is a multi-media product complete with audio clips. 

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I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.


   10 Reasons Why Multi-Media Will
       Explode Online This Year

             - by Jim Edwards

© 2004 Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Can you hear it?

Turn up you computer's speaker volume and take a good

What you hear is the next big wave sweeping the Internet
and it's called "Multi-Media!" 

Everyone from big corporations to small "mom and pop"
websites have started using  sound and video to create
projects and deliver their messages, even to people on
slow dial-up connections. 

Here's my take on the top 10 reasons why 2004 is the year
multi-media takes over the Web.

#10 More "Sticky" Value:
"Sticky," a phrase that pervaded the go-go online world
of the late 1990's. "Sticky" describes the ability of a
site to keep customers at the site longer by engaging
them with content. 

Audio and video make it much easier to create a "sticky"

#9 Cheap CD Burners:
The fact that virtually anyone can burn a CD and sell or
share it makes the distribution of multi-media content a

Small businesses can create limited quantities of high-
value products and allow consumers to access huge amounts
of data for less than the cost of a can of soda.

#8 People Learn Faster & Remember More:
The U.S. Military reported that audio-visual training
increases learning and retention rates by up to 80% over
written manuals. 

Bottom Line: This means people learn new information
faster and can put it to better use more quickly.

#7 FAST Reaction To Change:
With basic computer equipment, a good microphone, and
some easy-to-use software, virtually anyone can create
information packages in a few days and publish them on CD
or the Web the same day. 

This allows companies and individuals to profitably fill
micro-niche needs in markets they could not otherwise

#6 CHEAP Bandwidth:
Website hosting rates cheaper than ever. 

You can now transmit vast amounts of data over the
Internet for pennies compared to just a year ago.

#5 EZ-To-Use Software:
Just a year ago you needed specialized training, special
servers, and a significant budget to put even the most
basic audio and video content up on the Web. 

Now, if you know how to click a mouse and understand what
"record" and "stop" mean, you can create excellent
content and host it virtually anywhere.

#4 Customers Crave More "Meaty" Content:
People want better, more useful information. 

Audio and video enables you to convey larger amounts of
information more quickly than text.

#3 Better, Faster, Cheaper Computers:
A good $399 computer is now a reality. 

This means that not only can small companies produce good
multi-media content, but it also means consumers on the
receiving end of that content possess the computing power
to use it.

#2 Streaming MP3 Audio:
You can now stream very good quality, clear audio across
the web to dial-up Internet users - even on slow

Offering audio from a website opens up distribution
possibilities that remind us of the glory days of radio. 

#1 Widespread Use Of Flash Video:
Flash Video, the most important multi-media development
of recent online history, makes it possible to stream and
transmit huge amounts of data using video, pictures, and
sound to virtually every computer (Mac or PC), even on
dial up connections. 
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Here is another great article on Multi-Media, and a downloadable gift to our subscribers
Streaming Audio Made Easy

Internet streaming audio is the most prevalent form of multimedia on the Internet today according to Creative, one of the leading companies in the sound hardware field. Over the last few years, streaming audio has moved from being a curiosity to a business strategy that is adopted by many media organizations.

Streaming Audio has always been available to the big corporate sites and techies. Now every one can use simple software to produce their own streaming audio from a web site.

Marketers and business people have always known that a well-placed audio stream can increase sales and signups to their products and services. The problem has always been that the average person could not afford the high cost of special servers or programmers to be able to use this technology.

There have been a number of products around that provide streaming audio however as they have grown and developed so have the plugins required for listening to the streaming files.

With the new software available today anyone can add audio to their web sites without the need for any large plugins and complicated software. Simply add your audio file and choose a component to activate the stream and click go. These programs output all the necessary files, which you can then use to embed in your web pages with a quick copy and paste.

The web visitor can simply click and listen, even over a standard 56K modem.

So now that you're considering adding the sweet sound of audio  to your site, where might you want to use it?

Depending on your website's content and theme, there are a variety of ways to incorporate your audio into it. For example:

You might place a welcome message on your front page, summarizing your site's highlights, informing visitors of what they'll find, and thanking them for stopping by.

If you have an "about us" page on your site, you might want to record a brief message to accompany your background info. This will help people feel as if they're actually meeting you.

Since testimonials are a great enhancement to any site imagine if you actually added them in your customer's own voice. If you use one of the phone recording services you could give them the number and they could easily record how they feel about your products/services.

If your site has been featured in an online interview or radio show, imagine including this audio in your site. Just think of it as your very own live press room.

Perhaps just adding some pleasant music for your visitors to listen to as they view your web pages.

There are many features that these new programs provide the user.

* Produce as many files as you like. 
* No need for expensive programmers 
* Many allow you to host them on your own server -you're in control. 
* Greatly reduce the size of your audio file. Streams over most modem connections 
* Easy to use interface Added components for more variety

So now that you're actually thinking of recording something and adding it to your site, how do you do it? There are many different ways, some more expensive then others. Let's examine some of your choices a little more closely.

1) MP3 Sound Stream: http://mp3soundstream.com/Creates
streaming audio from MP3 or Wav files. Produces high quality
output for only $39.95. 

2) Audio Player Pro: http://www.audioplayerpro.com/Starting
at only $47.00. This produces a code that you can paste onto
your website that will enable the viewers' default player.
(OIO Readers can download a copy for only $19
here =======> http://kosoma.com/app )

3) Audio Generator: http://www.audiogenerator.com/Streaming
audio using just your browser. Easy to use, you can phone in
your message or use MP3 files. Excellent sound quality.
After recording your message paste some code onto your site
and a button appears with your audio. $29.95 monthly. 

4) Sonic Memo: http://www.sonicmemo.com/Includes a step-by-
step tutorial. You'll have to create your own MP3 files and
upload them to your server. If you record WAV files, you'll
have to first convert them to MP3 format. This software
sells for $97.00. 

5) Instant Audio: http://instantaudio.com/Just record a
message by phone and your website or e-mail is instantly
audio-enabled. To check their sound quality call the phone
number listed on the site, leave a message, then hit the
play button on the site to listen. This service will cost
you 29.95 a month. 

Your site has been sending non-verbal messages for years; now it's time to break free and let it send a message everyone can hear. Adding audio to your website is not only easy to do, it can help you gain the trust of your site's visitors, thus increasing your conversion rate. So stop wasting your time and money, and start getting the sales you may be missing.
Quentin Brown 
CEO MP3 Sound Stream
Streaming Audio Made Easy


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Turning Features Into Benefits For Maximum Profits
by Doug West

There is a lot of talk in marketing circles about stressing
benefits instead of features in your sales efforts. This is
especially true with online marketing. OK then, why are so
few doing it? 

The trouble is, we live in a me-first world - sad but true.
Most folks want to know "what can you do for me now & what
have you done for me lately". The problem I often see with
most marketing is that it tells you "What I can do for you"
or "What I have for you" and not "What benefit you will get
from doing biz with me". Confused?

Let's put it this way, do you want to know what I can do for
you, or what my product or service will produce in your
life? Which interests you most - that we "Have Spent
Thousands" or that you can "Save Thousands"? That is a vague
example but I'll bet YOU saving thousands means a whole lot
more to you than how much I have spent - right? Don't feel
bad. You are human and that is only natural.

Here is an example of an ad I have in front of me. The
product is a course on how to sell on eBay. The author is
declaring "I Have The Answers for Marketing on eBay"
(basically in so many words, that is what he is saying).
Most of his readers are seeing this and thinking "So what.
You have answers, what does that have to do with me?"

Just because someone else knows how to do something, that
does not always correspond with their being able to teach
you the techniques or info. Even if they could the teaching
is NOT a benefit, it is a feature. Here would be more of a
benefit "Your cash pulling eBay biz is just a click away".
Again, that is not the exact wording you would use, but it
may be the thought you want to get across to your readers.
Your web page, sales letters, brochures, business cards,
ebooks, newsletter, and anything else you use in your
marketing will focus on the main benefit for your customers.
All other benefits should support this main theme.

In short, to turn features into benefits, you have to take
yourself out of the equation. Turn me and I into You and
Your, and you are on the right track!
How would you like to know that your ads will pull Before
you run them? What is the best day of the week to run your
ads? What simple wording on your order form will increase
your sales by as much as %300% - This info & More Now @:

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