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Hello , and Welcome to the June 2003 issue of OI Online.
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1)  Will Your Home Biz Burn Up This Summer From Inactivity?
4)  Pick Up The Slack

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to the June 2003 issue of OIO. 

It's starting to heat up here in the US, and soon the dog days will be here. We hope that you have BIG plans for your home biz this summer, and we want to help you make those plans work.

There is a tendency for home biz entrepreneurs to take the summer months off, reasoning that there is not going to be anything happening anyway. In this issue we want to help you see why you should not take that stance, and how to make your biz flourish this summer! Don't miss our many advertising and marketing tips in this June issue. 

One FR-EE ebook that I Highly recommend is the new one by Terry Dean "10 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase the Profits of ANY Web Site Overnight!" (see info above in the spotlight ad to download your fr-ee copy). Put a few of those ideas to work in your own home biz!

Want To Build Your Own Opt-In List?

It is one of the most profitable things you can do you know. Once you have a list that you can market to over and over for very little or no cost, you will have come a Long way toward any dreams for Internet riches. If you are building a list, thinking of building a list, or have ever thought of building a list, you Must read the new FR-EE book by Ian Herculson:

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I've done business with Ian for several years. Recently I was shocked and saddened to learn that he had lost his entire opt-in list. We had used his list for some very successful ad campaigns of our own. Ian is also one of the nicer guys that we have dealt with online. You can read all about how Ian lost his list, and more importantly how he is quickly building it back in the opt-in strategy. The book is well written, and offers a wealth of information for anyone wanting to build a list (and if you are working online, You Should want your own list to market to!).

Will Your Home Business Crash & Burn This Summer?

The quick answer is - "Not if you don't let it". It boggles the mind how many people out there are still looking for the one secret that is going to change things for them. The miracle ingredient that will launch them to super stardom. Many times these folks have a great biz going, it is just in it's early stages. Then the summer comes around, or the holidays come, or a myriad of other excuses come up and they quit working it. 

In our old days of mail order, it was somewhat true. Orders just did not come in during the summer months as they did at other times of the year. However, if you are marketing online (especially if your product or service extends across national boundaries), that just is not true at all anymore. In reviewing our last year's sales, we found that June, July, and August were some of our best months! Even while we were away on a cruise vacation (the ship of course had Internet access, so I did still work a little while we were there) the orders continued to come in!

Let me tell you, the absolute worst thing you could do for your ebusiness is to take the summer off! In fact, since so many folks will do just that (not market their home biz in the summer), it really opens things up for those of us who stay committed and have in our arsenals a barrage of marketing attacks planned for the summer months. 

Many ezine and lists owners will offer special deals because of the slower ad months. You can take advantage of these and get your ads out there for less money. You may even pull a better response because of less advertiser competition!

The same holds true for traffic type programs. These are programs where you either refer people to earn hits to your web site, or you view other web sites in return for views of your own site. There are a few variations to these type programs, but most of them also offer inexpensive traffic purchases (the best one that we have used, and we have tried Many, is HitPulse - consider their premium upgrade for even more traffic to your site. Since many of these type of programs will see a fall off in participation, you may see some summer specials offered. 

By the time the other folks get back to work come September, you will be way a head of the pack. These same ones will take a month or two to get things up and running again. By then it will be November, and they will be slowing down for the holidays. You keep right on going! By the time they wake up in early February, you will be miles in front of them since you never did quit marketing!


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I hope to meet you on one of our calls, and would love to have you on our team. I wish you all the success in your online biz efforts!

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

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  I have looked at your E-zine web site and I do like what I see.

  I wish to place a solo ad, but I need a few questions answered please.

  1) How often do you send out solo ads?

A: 1 or 2 times a week

  2) If I were to place a solo ad with you in the next few days, when would
it be published?

A: About 2 weeks at this point, but that can change at any minute.

First come - first serve

3) What is your exact subscriber count please?

A: Over 30,000 readers of OIO now.

4) Is there a telephone number I could contact in case e-mail was unavailable?

A: There is, but email is best. We get a LOT of calls and cannot
always answer the phone or we would get NO work done at all.
We Always answer our email as long as you send it to the right
email address. Sales@kosoma.com if you are wanting to get
a solo ad or other service, would be best.

5) Can I have you check my solo ad before I place it for competition?
I would like to know how long ago  my competition has been there, if at all?

A: We will not run an ad if someone else has recently ran an ad
for the same biz opp or company. All ads have to be approved
first. I always give ideas for improving your ad copy and results
if I have any. If the ad looks good, we will run like it is.

6) Regarding your solo ad requirements. My solo ad that I wish to place with
you is just a little bit over  your requirements. Is there any possibility in which
you could check out my ad first and see if it is ok?

A: We really don't care how long the ad is, as long as you keep it
to no more than 65 Char. per line.

As you can see I am VERY careful about spending money.

  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

  Talk to you soon,


Thanks Anthony
Hey Doug,

Why is it that I never get a specific date with you for when my
solo ads will run?


We do MANY things here, and sometimes we just get
swamped. Also, we only send 1 or 2 solo ads per week
to our list. That is probably why it is one of the best
pulling lists out there.

If we are busy putting together a new issue, we give
priority to that as well. Some weeks we only send
1 ad, other weeks we send 2. Some of that depends
on how close we are to an issue date, how the list
is pulling for our advertisers, and what else is going
on in the world and our business. For all these reasons
and more we just don't give specific dates for an ad


Doug West

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Pick Up the Slack
by Bob Osgoodby
Many people in business on the Internet try to market only one product.  If the demand for that product is weak or if the demand dries up, they are virtually out of business. Smart entrepreneurs however diversify their offerings, and if the demand is slow for one product or service, the others usually pick up the slack.
If you have a web site, and if you are trying to do business on the Internet, this is a must. You can feature your diverse offerings there. Strategically placed ads should point people to your web site, and if you have diversification, an added 
advantage is that your advertising is doing double duty. 

People may be attracted to your site by an ad for one product or service.  When they get there they will see your other offerings, and might purchase one of them, which may not be what attracted them there in the first place. 

But here is the real thing that everyone who has a web site must realize.  You seldom make a sale on the first visit someone makes, and there must be a reason for them to come back. There are a number of ways to get repeat visitors.  contests have always been a big draw, and this can take several forms. Most people can't afford to give away "high ticket" items on a regular basis, but there are a number of low cost alternatives. Informational products are always a good bet.
Sticky Web Sites are a hot button these days.  So what is a "sticky" web site.  I guess an acceptable definition is one that gets the people to "stick around" because there is good content there.  There are no real criteria for good content as that depends on the focus of your site.  The bottom line is that if people like what they see they will return. 

If you expect people to come back and be a repeat visitor, you must not only have high quality content, but it must also have changing content.  Your web site must also be recognizable as far as its name is concerned.  Meaningful names today however, are not easy to acquire. As Dr. Kevin Nunley reported, "A recent survey showed that of the 25,000 words we commonly use in the English language, more than 93 percent are already registered as domain names." 

This means we have to be a bit creative when registering your URL. Forget about the long names that have no relation to an actual company.  I'm reminded of the following joke: 

 "Jack loved going to the Web, and decided to have his own web site. His URL was "MickeyGoofyPlutoMinnie.com" and I asked why it was so long. 

"Because," Jack explained, "they say it has to have at least four characters." 

While this is a bit extreme, you get the point. 

Some special characters such as a dash are permitted and so are numbers.  We recently registered http://www.1-webwiz.com. While not the most creative name, it is easy to remember. As an added bonus, we have a different server for this addresses so that in the event one is down, or has a long term problem, it is an easy matter to switch. All of these are tools at your disposal to sell your product or service.  Not only should your offerings be diverse, but so should your method of delivery. 

Diversification is important in any business, but in one as "fickle" as the Internet, it is a must. 

Did you know that subscribers to Bob Osgoodby's Free Ezine the
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