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Hello , and Welcome to the First 2004 issue of OI Online.
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1)  Now Is The Time Of Year To Hit it HARD
3)  What Is Hot For 2004?
4)  2003 Scam Reviews - What Did We Learn?

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to the First 2004 issue of OIO

We hope that your new year has been going well for you and your home biz, and that you are off to a great start in the new year! Now is the time to be marketing your home biz HARD. In fact, the first of the year is normally the Best time of the year for home biz type offers. Folks are trying to figure out ways to keep those New Year resolutions (many of which include getting out of debt and/or that dead-end job).

We have several ideas in this issue of OIO that can help you get going. Don't miss the article on the lessons we learned in 2003 which includes several scam warnings that you will want to be aware of.

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I wish you all the best in your home biz in 2004, and I hope you enjoy this issue of OIO.

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

What is HOT For 2004?
by Doug West

According to the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine one of the hottest online businesses to be in is that of Information Marketing or Online Teaching (how many years have we been telling you that here in OIO?). The magazine was also high on VOIP - voice over Internet - type products. They also mentioned Tech Security as a hot field, and middle-aged women as a great market to target.

We did not agree with everything Entrepreneur magazine reported on, but we would like to share some of our picks with you here.

In the MLM field, we see even a brighter future for Pre-Paid Legal Services. This company continues to expand even with some bad press and the fact that their web site seems to be down about 1/4 of the time. However, people are starting to see a real need for a good legal services plan. When we first started marketing PPL back in 1983 many folks laughed at us. Not anymore! Now it is more obvious than ever that a good legal plan and the peace of mind it offers can be a HUGE asset. Especially to the home biz person that might just need a little legal direction at times. 

The downside to PPL is that the plan is rather complex, and we found that many MLMer types could not explain it properly or make group presentations. The number one reps in PPL are ones who are not aftraid to get in front of a group and explain the benefits and features. If that is you, this just might be your ticket. If not, you may want to look into a membership anyway.

As for up and comers on the net, we do see a few that are starting to shine. Keep in mind that nothing compares to having your own money making web site. Once you learn how to promote a site correctly, you don't even have to have a product of your own. Many have done just fine by offering others products on their sites. The top affiliate marketers set up their own sites for this very purpose - to sell Other People's Products. 

Pick a subject that you want to work with and do your research. You might be able to put together some type of information hub that will get great search engine rankings. One of the most searched for terms on the net is travel, and travel related services. Soon you will be able to view our new Travel Related information hub at:


You will be able to find all types of travel bargains and perks on the site when it goes live (hopefully some time in Feb.). 

One of the hot travel related biz opps that we have been telling you about here in OIO is Coastal Vacations. We have not changed our stance on that either. The company continues to add services and value to the package, and we look for even brighter things ahead. Of course one of the purposes for our new site mentioned above will be to generate leads for our Coastal team. (If you would like to learn more about Coastal see: http://kosoma.com/travelteam2.html .)

There are also many travel related affiliate plans online. If you like working with travel, you may want to do a search for these.

Of the online home biz crowd, one company has caught our attention - Mastery TV. This outfit apparently is the online version of  "The People's Network" (TPN). TPN had the vision of providing positive programming that would help all members of the family. It is so true that most of the programming on regular TV is negative or downright disgusting, and TPN set out to do something about it. Eventually PPL (See above) bought TPN, and then quickly ran it into the ground. At least that is our take on it. The idea that TPN had was good, but maybe (unlike PPL), their time had not yet come? We are not sure what PPL is doing with the network if anything, but it is obvious that the dream TPN had was never realized.

Mastery TV does offer some nice motivational videos and training, similar to what TPN attempted to do. The Net makes it a lot more economical to get this type of motivation out to the masses - in fact, if you have Real Player or Windows Media and Internet access you can enjoy Master TV from anywhere on the globe! We will keep our eyes on this one. Hopefully they won't take the course of TPN. We will keep you updated on their progress right here in OIO.


Obviously the overweight crowd will continue to be a hot market to target in 2004 and beyond, and Entrepreneur agrees. Most MLM companies target the weight-loss, want-to-be-skinny crowd. If that is your target market, now is the time to get after them! Fresh off of holiday meals and parties, and striving to achieve their new year goals.

We will have plenty of other ideas for you here in OIO. Don't miss an issue.

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Thanks for your comments

Doug West

I'm very much interested on purchasing your  "TheMoney
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to make sure if it would help me in mybusiness. My business
is Coastal Vacations and I am aware that you're also a
member. =) I just want to ask if your ebook will be able to
help me.  If not, do you have any other resources to helpme
build my Coastal business?

Thanks so much... -JT

Since most of the ad sources in the book deal
with home biz type offers, it is a GREAT source
for running Coastal Solo ads!

Yes, I would recommend that you get a copy
if you want to generate more leads for Coastal.

Doug West
PS - By the way, as you know, Coastal is a Great
Program, and a nice way to earn a living from home!
Good Choice!!!!

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2003 Scam Reviews - What Did We Learn?
by Doug West

First off we all learned in 2003 that there are many ways to
expand or enlarge various parts of our bodies, and that
there are an endless number of individuals out there that
will go to ANY lengths to get this info to us!


We should also have learned that if anyone sends us email
claiming that they are Pay Pal and that we need to
immediately send them our name and Pay Pal login information
or risk losing our Pay Pal accounts, that we better RUN the
other way. We would do better to try to enlarge a body part.

The truth is that Pay Pal will NEVER have us send them our
login info - They Already Have It! This is just an attempt
to get our info so that scam artists can access and drain
our accounts!


We have also learned that there are many widows, daughters,
and sons of prominent government officials from unstable
countries all over the world that need our help to get
Millions out of their nations. The only draw back to these
rock solid deals is that they will need from $1,000 to
$25,000 or more of our own money to be sure that we are not
crooks! HA. Just tell me where to wire the funds (no
personal checks please).


We also discovered in 2003 that there is MUCH help for those
who are lonely. That for the right price there are thousands
of singles in your area (even if you live like I do in the
rurals where there are only a few hundred people around)
just dying to meet you. Just send your money and they will
fix you up.

Another angle on this scam is the lonely Russian, Asian, or
about any other type of girl you can imagine that is just
dying for any ugly person that will pay attention to these
beautiful ladies. For the right price (online - of course),
they will show up at your door prepared for marriage.


We also learned that there are many "Simple" SPAM solutions
out there that will keep us from getting the offers
mentioned above (and of course all the porno emails). The
strange thing about these hot solutions is that they are all
promoted by SPAM!

Actually there are some very nice programs that run on the
mail servers and will help filter out most of the spam for
you. The bad news is that if your ISP does the filtering,
you will probably not get the email you want either.

If you have your own domain or web site, check with your
hosting company and see if they offer the Postini filter
system. This one will even catch virus infected email before
it gets to your inbox. After you watch your email for a few
days, the program will develop a rhythm of what email you
really want, and it will get rid of the rest (you have the
ability to look at all the banned email to make sure it is
not something you wanted. We found that after the initial
set up and monitoring, the program performed GREAT!).


We learned that "worms" on the net are not the same thing as
the creatures we stick on hooks to catch fish. The Blaster
Worm of 2003 infected MANY more computers than they would
have us believe. It did help us discover that there is a
simple firewall in Windows that Bill Gates forgot to tell us
about before the worms came calling (why were all PCs not
shipped with the firewall up?). That with a few simple
clicks we could protect against hackers and other insects
from contaminating our computers (at least until the hackers
learn to by-pass these features).


In 2003 there were MANY simple ways to lose weight offered
online. Most of them involved some little known pill. All we
had to do was pay the money and pop our fat away. Still
Americans are fatter than ever! I guess maybe they were not
charging enough or we were not popping enough of those
pills? Perhaps we did not take them correctly? 

That's OK. In 2004 we are sure there will be even simpler
remedies that become available, and that every nut and his
brother will give us a GREAT online deal! Burger King, Pizza
Hut, Mickey D's here we come!!!


It seems that everyone from Bill Gates to Red Lobster was
involved in sending us cash or some sort of free gift in
2003. All we had to do is forward the simple email message
to everyone in our address book. The more we emailed the
better. What a country!

Still waiting on your check and goods? Yeah, that's what we


How is it that these guys have my card and are planning to
charge it so much every month unless I respond and give them
my cc details. Can you believe that folks fall for this one?

Remedy for these and other scams (even if they show up in
2004)? => 

Hit the Delete Key as Fast as You Can and Don't Look back.
Doug West is the editor for Opportunity Investigator Online.
Now you can get his all-new course on building your own
online biz while avoiding the scams and it won't cost you a
dime. Don't Waste Time Or Money! Just visit: 

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