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Hello , and Welcome to the August 2003 issue of OI Online.
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1)  More Tips For Building Your List & eBiz
4)   How Do You Find Time? - For Your Home Biz

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to the August 2003 issue of OIO. 

We are just one month away from one of the best times of year for home biz. Are you ready for it? We have a few things for you in this issue to make sure that you are prepared for the big fall season. Plan now to make it the most successful period you've ever had. 

Do you have trouble finding time to work your home biz? If so, you won't want to miss the article at the end of this issue. It may help you discern where your time is being wasted, and how you can make a few simple adjustments. 

Also, don't miss your special gift that we are offering in this issue. You could pay up to $97 or more for this elsewhere, but you can get it for nothing right here in OIO

Are You Building Your Own Opt-In List?

If not, you should be. In our last issue we told you about some exciting ways to build your own list (if you missed that, you can find it in our Archives). All the serious players on the net realize that they are also in the list building biz. In fact, capturing email addresses and names from your web site should be your primary goal. 

The problem for many networkers, affiliates, and other home biz reps is that the company site does not have a tool for capturing email addresses and info from your visitors. Some of the top distributors have set up their own sites to capture info and build their lists, before redirecting prospects to the company site. But what about those who have no idea how to set up a site, let alone capturing data from visitors and redirecting them to their company site? What can they do? 

One of the easiest ways to start building your list is to set up a simple follow-up responder system. We have a special offer on our own service for our subscribers at: 


(Lifetime access for less than what most charge for 6 months!) 

With a responder you can easily build your list, without a website. You could even use a form in your email that triggers your responder, adds their info to your list, and redirects prospects to your mlm, affiliate, or whatever website you want (just by typing, or copy and pasting, the URL into a redirect field). Our system will even create the code for the form for you. Just copy and paste it into an html email and you are in business. You can also use the responder email address to trigger the responder and direct them to your web site via email. 

As an option, you could get a free page somewhere (freeyellow.com, netfirms.com, and a few others offer freee or inexpensive hosting) and set up a lead page to capture names and addresses of your visitors. If you have ever considered multiple sites or mini-sites then you might want to consider the hosting plan outlined in the Mini-Sites section below.


As an OIO PRO member you not only get as many follow up systems as you want for a one time fee of only $5, but you also get 6 pages that you can use for lead capture or redirect pages (or for just about anything you want - no adult or smut please). You also get access to our new fr*ee training course. This tool will help you build your list, find new OIO PRO members, build income in several top affiliate programs, and promote your favorite home biz offer, MLM, or program all at the same time. 

One of the most proven successful methods of online marketing is to give something away free, and then present your sales message. Rather than presenting your biz opp or offer in your ads, you give away a fr*ee report, ebook, course, software or something else of value, and then follow up on all those who take the freebie. 

Your ads will get MUCH better response for a gift item than ads directly offering a biz opp or product! But what do you give away if you don't have a product, report, or ebook? 


We have an item that you can offer, and it is working well for our OIO PRO members. If you have not yet taken us up on this free course, you really need to! The info will not only show you several proven ways to market your home biz or product online, but it will open your eyes to the massive power at your fingertips. Start now, and you can have most of these powerful ideas before the BIG fall season begins. These techniques could easily cost you $97 or more, but they are yours for the taking (as long as  you act soon) at: 



Another item you could give away to build your list is membership in some sort of free affiliate program. If you have your own products, or resale rights to other products (be sure they allow you to set up an affiliate program), you may want to consider setting up your own affiliate program. 

If you have your own product, Clickbank offers one of the easiest ways to promote an affiliate program. They have over 100,000 members who are looking for items to sell. If you have a really good product, you could find yourself with hundreds or even thousands of folks selling for you! However, the Clickbank.com program does have a few drawbacks. 

The best system we have seen for setting up your own affiliate program is the one offered by Terry Dean. He is one of the top online marketers, and has a simple system that really puts everything together for you as an affiliate program owner. Get all the details on his system here:


Did you realize that many entrepreneurs who earn some of the highest online incomes are ones that have no products of their own? What do they do? They sell other folks products via online affiliate programs. Yes, it is possible to earn HUGE incomes with fr*ee affiliate programs. Rosalind Gardner - reportedly earned over $400,000 in one year with affiliate programs. How do they do it? The majority of them learn to set up highly focused Mini-sites. 

What are mini-sites? 

Basically they are just one or two page sites that focus on selling one item. They may have a few pages, but the home page is normally a sales letter type page. You have no doubt seen them all over the net. Instead of sending everyone to the affiliate site, these super affiliates like Rosalind are setting up their own mini-sites to promote Each affiliate program they are involved in. 

Here is an excellent place to host your mini-sites, should you decide to go this route. With this host you can have up to 200 domains with one account. Check out all the details at:

For more information on mini-sites and how to build them, see:


I had seen this report Many times and never paid much attention to it. One day I finally read a copy. I got so excited that I quickly purchased Master Resale rights to the course. This awesome info will help you set up a simple site that makes money 24/7! 

This excellent course is Now included when you purchase E-empire. If you have already purchased a copy of E-Empire, check the private site for your copy of  "Killer Mini Sites". 


One of the best ways to jump start your ebiz this year is to write your own ebook, or to discover great ways to promote a book you already have. One of the best things I have read on the subject lately is by Jim Edwards ""How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days even if you can't write, can't type and failed high school English class!" 

You can read all about his book here:

Jim also has another excellent book titled ""eBook Secrets Exposed" which shows you How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of Money In Record Time With Your Own eBook (Whether You Wrote It Or Not!). You can get a copy of that book here:

Well, I hope I have given you some things to think about for your biz. Don't miss the upcoming fall season because you are not ready for it. Remember, the Number 1 reason folks fail in their home biz is because they do nothing! Don't let that happen to you. Do your homework, and then do your work! The beauty of a home eBiz is that you can start income streams that will pay you for years to come. Especially if you have some mlm or redidual income in the mix somewhere! In our next issue we are going to tell you about an exciting offline residual income stream that has us and many others smiling all the way to the bank - don't miss it! 

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing 

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

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In Achievement,
Ron Henley

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Find Time For Home Biz Success
by Taming the Great Life Stealers
by Doug West
We often hear from ones who say that they just don't have 
enough time to devote to their home business. They work full 
time, raise kids, take care of aging parents, or for other 
reasons are just too busy to devote much time to a biz. 
Still, they would like a home business if they could only 
find the time. In this article we want to review some common 
areas where most folks tend to waste time, and how you can 
tame these life stealers. 

# 1 TV Viewing 

This ranks as the greatest time stealer of all! "Wait a 
minute" you might say, "don't tell me to give up my favorite 
TV programs!" No, we are not going to tell you to quit 
watching TV altogether. However, with just a little effort 
you can save TONS of time that could otherwise be spent on 
your home biz. Consider some ideas: 

* Record Your Favorite Programs and Fast-Forward Through 

This could trim off a third or more of the time 
it takes to watch them. 

* Control the TV - Don't let it Control You. 

Instead of vegetating in front of the TV for hours, watching 
everything that comes on, try picking only the programs you 
really want to see and setting the recorder. Sometimes it 
may be good to just chill out in your easy chair and turn on 
the tube, but once you get into the habit of recording 
shows, you may find more recordings to view than you have 
time for. The more productive time you spend on your home 
business will start to become a habit (so will the extra 
money that you earn from it!), you will spend less time with 
the TV naturally, and find that you have more energy too! 

 # 2 Recreation 

Here is another big time stealer. Everyone needs some 
recreation, but most of us think we need more than we really 
do. Consider that most folks work all week just for a few 
moments of fun on the weekend. Back when I was working a 
J.O.B. the factory was full of ones like this. They lived 
their lives for fun in the sun. Never planning for anything 
but more recreation. When the flag ship factory closed it's 
doors and laid most of us off, these same ones wanted to 
know how they would afford their boat payments, golf cart 
notes, vacation bills etc. Many had mortgaged themselves to 
the hilt with recreation bills. 

I was smiling because I knew we would get a nice severance 
package, and that I could now focus full time on my home biz 
that I always had worked on the side (I have toys too, and 
enjoy fun in the sun, but I pay cash for those things or I 
don't buy them - no credit for me on recreation - no sir!). 
I had turned down a few weekends of pleasure seeking over 
the years, but when the whip came down, I'm sure glad I did! 

I work harder for myself than I ever did for someone else, 
but I control when I work, and how much I want to make. 
Since I love what I do, it really is not like work. I still 
limit myself on recreation, but when we do play, we really 
play well! 

A profitable home business is something that you should want 
to do for the rest of your life. Recreation, and TV viewing
have their place. We all need relaxation and recreation, but 
you might want to consider just how much time you spend 
recreating when you could be building a home biz that will 
give you something to do in your retirement years (not to 
mention help you get there faster). 

Many dream of the time when they will just lay around the 
pool and do nothing for the rest of their lives. Well, I'm 
here to tell you, that many wealthy or retired folks who get 
to do pretty much what they want will admit - it flat gets 
old doing nothing! Developing work ethic is one of the 
biggest obstacles for most folks who would like to work from 
home. Start Now, by putting limits on your recreation, and 
you will find all kinds of time for building your home biz! 

# 3 The Internet 

"Now Wait Just a Minute" you might be saying, "I'm building 
my business with the net". That might be true, but there are 
a LOT of things you can do online besides building your 
business. If you aren't careful, time can be focused away 
from your work and more toward pleasure seeking or just 
plain old surfing. Before you know it, you could spend hours 
in front of your PC without doing one thing to promote your 
business. A PC with an Internet connection can develop into 
your digital recreation tool. The very thing that is 
supposed to save time and make our lives easier could become 
our biggest life stealer! Again, you need to limit yourself. 

In any of these activities, it would be good to take note of 
how much time you spend with them. Try keeping a careful 
record for just one week and you may be surprised. Each hour 
take note of what you spend time doing, and make a log. You 
will quickly isolate where the time for building your home 
biz can come from. Learning to use your time wisely will 
prove beneficial for years to come. 

Finally -- a Simple, Web-Based Training, Recruiting, and 
Motivating System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make 
Real Money Online with your MLM or Home Biz Offer! You can 
start inexpensively with our system and earn TONS of money 
online! I did, and I'll teach you exactly how I did it 
FR*EE Here =>  http://oiopro.com/cash/kosoma/fcourse.shtml

The above article is available for reprint in your email newsletter and/or on your website. Please keep the content and the resource box unchanged, and         mailto:articlepublished@kosoma.com to let me know where it appears.

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