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Hello  and Welcome to the April 2003 issue of OI Online.
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1)  Are These Common Email Mistakes Costing Your Home Biz?
4) MLM Real Estate - Does It Work?

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NEWS & VIEWS from the editor
by Doug West
Hello  and welcome to the April 2003 issue of OIO. 

I hope that you got through your tax time OK if you are one that has to file US income taxes! We had to send in a final check (even though we had earlier paid estimated taxes too) to Uncle Sam. A fairly BIG check. 

I hope you had to send in a BIG check from your home biz as well. Not that I would want you to pay more than your share, and we certainly encourage home biz folks to take Every deduction and credit that they qualify for, but once you have done all that, we hope you still had to send a check in. Why? Because that would mean that your home biz is Successful! That you are probably gladly (although no doubt painfully) sending in those BIG checks to Uncle Sam.

If you are not sending in a BIG check for unavoidable income taxes, we hope to help you change that this year. Keep reading OIO and putting some of the ideas into action in your home biz. Hang in there, work it, and see if you can join the Millions of US tax payers who are earning GREAT incomes from home. 

Now, let's get started with some ideas to help your home biz:

Are These Common Email Mistakes Costing You Business?

Here is one of my pet peeves. You see something that you like, perhaps you may want to get it later, so you file it away in your email program. When you are ready to purchase the item or service, you email the person to tell them that you are ready to buy, and guess what? The email bounces back at you faster than a hot check. You carefully investigate to see that you have not made a mistake, or that there has been some kind of mail server problem. Maybe you send the email from a different account or method. Maybe you have more than one ISP so you try another one. Sure enough, the email comes right back at you.

What does all this have to do with your home biz? Here is the tip, and this is HUGE if you want to build a biz on the net:

Get A Business Email Address & Never Change It - NEVER!

We have done business with some folks who seem to change email addresses every week. One man bragged that he had over 10 email addresses (and you could never get him to answer you at any of them). 

Changing your business email address is like moving your brick-n-mortar biz. What if your favorite store moved every week, and never told  you where they were going? Or worse yet, a shop or store of some kind that you had not yet had the chance to visit, but were planning to. By the time you get ready to go, the thing has packed up and moved to a new location and left no forwarding address. This is SUICIDE for a business! Don't do it!

Some online entrepreneurs think they can beat this rule by sending everyone their new address each time they move. But what about potential customers that are not yet on any of your lists? Those that have been thinking about contacting you. We get orders and business from ads that we have ran YEARS ago. Not every day, but they do trickle in, and every bit helps your business to stay in business. DON'T DO IT! Don't try to beat the system. Get one address and keep it forever for your business. Sure, you can have a separate address for your personal email, and it is OK to change that one (just be sure to let your friends and family members - at least the ones you want to have it- know where you moved to) if you want - BUT - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NOT EVER do you want to change your business email address - Just DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how do you get one that you can keep forever? The best one is at a domain you own. You@yourdomain.com or Sales@yourdomain.com. If you own the domain name, you can keep it for as long as you live or longer (as long as you pay the bill). If you change ISPs just forward the email to a new address or box so that you still get all the mail that goes to your biz email address. Most servers have pop boxes that you can set up to catch your email (and most of them have limits to how much email they will hold so you better download your email fairly often). There are even services out there where you can set up a pop box once you buy a domain name. You don't even have to have a web site hosted anywhere, just buy the name and many domain name registrars will Give you a pop email box and/or email forwarding.

When you own YOURDOMAIN.COM you can move as many times as you want and folks will still be able to find you via email at SALES@domain.com or whatever Permanent address you choose.


Domains names are so cheap anymore I can not imagine anyone trying to run their biz from a hotmail account or an AOL (the worst dial up ISP by the way) account, or any other account that may close them down, or close down altogether. 

Another Option

You could also take out one of our Follow-Up responders (you need at least one of these to run your biz anyway), and any email that gets sent to:


Will be forwarded to whatever email address you give us. We will have to change it for you when you change ISP or email accounts. But just let us know and we will be happy to do it for you. Get all the details on our responders see:


Don't Use Funky Backgrounds 
Or Stationary In Your Biz Emails

If you are reading this in our HTML format, it is because you probably asked for HTML email. We always give folks the option of reading our issues online or they can subscribe to a Text Only list.

If you want to impress Grandma or Mom with your ability to add a color or image to the background of your email, I guess that is OK. BUT, Never use a color ANY Color or image as a back ground in your business emails. We are not talking about all HTML email here (if it has a color background it has to be HTML), but those Funky background colors that make email SOOOOOO hard to read. DON'T DO IT!

Plain black type on a standard white (no color) background works best. Many folks (especially outside of the US) are still not able to read html or color email, so you will be losing them. Even if they can read html email, your funky colors and/or stationary images may impede them from seeing your whole message. SO DON'T DO IT! Not in your business. Fancy will lose customers for you when it comes to email. If you do send something in html, always give the option to read it online where they can look at your message through their browser (which can see html), but still you need to have a color scheme that does not hide your message, or make it hard to read. Funky looking web pages are a whole other topic that we will cover right here in another issue.

One last thing on email. There are starting to be a lot of these Spam killer type service that block all your email until someone clicks here or goes there and fills out a form or some such thing. DON'T USE IT - not with your business email account. You will lose business. Learn to use your email program to filter out SPAM for your business account. You want the option to look at it all anyway, but you sure don't want anyone else having control over what email comes through to your business. It will cost you sales.

Put these simple rules to use and watch your online biz grow as more and more customers can not only find you, but can understand what you are telling them, and can easily make their purchases from you now and for years to come!

Have You Joined Us as an OIO PRO Yet?

We understand why many folks have a bad impression of Multi-Tiered affiliate programs, or traditional mlms. These type of programs can generate remarkable incomes for you, but you have to have the right attitude to get there. 

It seems these days on the net, that everyone is looking for that magical program that is going to quickly give them a few hundred or thousand dollars a month. Many feel that if they join each new thing that comes along they will just fall into a few hundred a month in one of them - at least for awhile. But that is the wrong attitude, and more times than not, will get you NOWHERE. We call it the Lottery Mentality, and it is exactly what brings a bad name in some minds to an otherwise wonderful industry. One that has more promise for the average guy than Anything else out there.

We have made great money with mlm and network marketing (see our SFI interview at:  http://kosoma.com/DougWest.htm ), but we have been in it for the long haul, and not the quick buck (which hardly ever comes anyway). You really can create a walk away HUGE income that most folks only dream of IF - you are in it for the long haul, and are not always looking for the next BIG thing to get into. Learn all you can about the industry, put it to use, be consistent with one good program (at least until you have one that is earning you more income than you have ever earned in your life), and you will have a ROCK SOLID future that no one can take away from you.

You can keep looking for that magic program or you can buckle down and work a steady program that pays. We have been paying our affiliates since 1997, and we have recently added a new feature that pays 


This year many of our affiliates have had multiple $200 bonus checks while learning what really works for building a home business online, and building a monthly residual as well. Are you ready to buckle down and build a home biz you can be proud of? If so, we would love to have you on our team. If no one from our team is emailing you on OIO PRO get on the list to get all the details now by filling out the form at:


Need More Information to Make Your Decision?

If so, be on our weekly conference call on Wednesday nights. You can get all your questions answered there:

The number to call is: 

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I hope to meet you on one of our calls, and would love to have you on our team. I wish you all the success in your online biz efforts!

Doug West
Kosoma Publishing

We will see ya next time  in OIO.

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MLM Real Estate - Will It Work For You?
These days we are seeing all sorts of Real Estate type home businesses popping up, some even tie in an mlm opportunity. And, why not - Real Estate has created Many fortunes over the years, so it seems a natural fit for the home biz market.

We are not talking your typical "No Money Down" seminars and how to books here, but pro-active home biz offers that tie in Real Estate as a product and/or service. Sounds like a formula for real success right? 

One firm ( http://www.ezloans4homes.com/ ) claims to be able to get almost anyone a mortgage regardless of credit. If this is true, you can see what a large market there would be for the service. 

Another firm that has been around for several years claims to be able to help any home owner sell their home at full market value. Then there is Nation-Wide Real Estate Discounters that claims they will let you use their money to purchase foreclosed properties at rock bottom prices. There are the Mortgage Reduction specialist firms with USMR.com at the top of the list, who claim they can save Any homeowner Thousands on their loans, and that you can supposedly cash in showing them how. Still another company (  http://www.ownerbiz.com/ ) claims that they can help you earn THOUSANDS of dollars going and coming in the Real Estate, Mortgage Brokering, and note selling markets. 

So, what - if any of it - really works? We are doing an in depth investigation into this Real Estate related home biz industry, and we will keep you updated here in OIO. If you want the Full story, you need to join us in OIO PRO. Keep it tuned right here to OIO.
If you were an OIO PRO member, you would get the FULL results of our investigation into this and many other industries . Why not join us now?

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